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Increasingly, retailers and manufacturers are seeking on-site, value added services to improve the efficiency of their operations, simplify processes, shorten their supply chain and trim costs.

At VENOVET, we offer a portfolio of value added services, in-warehouse or in-plant, at point of origin or destination, within our facilities or your own.

What differentiates us is the way our supply chain engineers work with your people, on site, to fine-tune a truly bespoke solution. Optimizing the benefits, all to agreed quality standards.

Value Added Services Include

Packaging Solutions:

Specifically meant for e-commerce industry, VENOVET offers complete packaging solutions for all consumption categories such as FMCG, lifestyle, electronics, General Merchandise and furniture. VENOVET expertises in providing appropriate packaging solutions to customers. Some of the factors considered in terms of the product are unit size, covering required, weight carrying capacity, extra protection in case of fragile products, pilferages, impact on logistics costs and also styling and aesthetics of the packaging.

Kitting and Assembly:

By delaying production-ready, or customer ready, kits and light assemblies until they are needed, we give you increased flexibility over your inventory. Keeping stocks low and meeting volatile consumer demands. In the retail sector, we provide garment-on-hanger services and we support promotions by pre-assembling point of sale displays.

Unit Cartonisation:

Unit Cartonisation is an activity where bulk orders are re-packed into individual units for selling to end-consumers. VENOVET provides services where unit is re-packed into customer's branded packaging and MRP labelling is done as per the defined MOQs and accessories.


We can apply customized labels for different markets, or add last minute swing tags, bar codes and price stickers to support local promotions.


Maintaining the highest quality standards, Yusen Logistics offers on-site inspection of inbound and outbound goods and components, reducing wastage, protecting your brand.


Managing pre-installation work such as software installation, configuration and testing on a wide range of products including copiers, printers, cell-phones, and other electronics, as well as battery charging for the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Returns Management:

VENOVET provides support to its customers in the form of effective returns management, which we tailor to suit their needs. In addition to accepting returns, this service also includes the assessment of the goods for possible re-processing. Along with re-processing we also do merchandise wise segregation, damage segregation, ironing/poly packing and re-barcoding.

Benefits of VAS:
  • Our customers can focus on their core competencies and we will take care of the rest.
  • High Quality Service: Since the 3PL provider employs experts who are well versed in the procedure, they are capable of offering a better quality of comprehensive services.
  • More Flexibility: There is better communication and coordination among the various departments due to one organization handling of different procedures. It results into highly flexibility and also saves labor, space and time.
  • Easy to Pinpoint Liability: If all different aspects are handled by one service, they are the ones liable and answerable if anything goes wrong.
  • Less fix costs: The customers binds less staff and still have sufficient capacities at peak times.
  • Seamless integration of our services with the logistics flow of the customers to achieve optimal performance and propel towards customer satisfaction beyond excellence.
  • DB Schenker uses its own equipment. The customer does not have to worry about tools and expendables.
  • More process efficiency: As a logistics service provider, DB Schenker is a specialist in process efficiency. The Value Added Services are executed precisely, as well as in terms of time and resources.