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Road Transportation

VENOVET is a leading player in India road transportation industry and Logistics Services Provider. Transportation of Goods of all size and type is an integral part of our organization.We provide cost-effective logistics solutions that meets transport needs of Businesses.

Logistic solutions using road network is provided to metro, urban and rural areas across India. We have myriad of vehicles in our fleet, these include trucks, trailers and solely owned vehicles. Fleet also includes forklifts, cranes and material handling equipment.

Transportation is the most important aspect in every business for making its appearance in market by shifting of goods from one place to another. We guarantee you door to door delivery in India & proceeding by leaps and boundaries. We specify in cargo Road Transportation Services in India, which can simply be termed as spectacular and cost effective as well.

The transport and logistics sector is a pivotal fundament that is important for the development of a country. Since the 1990s, the transportation infrastructure of India has undergone a significant change. While in the 90s, the demand for transport grew at an annual rate of 10%, in the last decade the demand in the transport and logistics industry grew along with the accelerating Indian GDP. This growth has increased the demand for practically all transport services.

The annual cost spends for logistics services are estimated at 14% of the GDP as the share of the total value of goods. Normally, in emerging economies, these costs are about 6%-8% of the GDP. With this figure, Indian logistics costs are estimated to be the highest in the world. Therefore it is necessary to manage this sector more professionally in order to reduce operational costs, improve customer services and satisfaction levels and to become more competitive in global markets.

Another fact is that transport and logistics services in India, consume a large portion of energy, especially petroleum products. This share increases even more in India with the growth of economy and population. Urbanization and fast industrialization also increase this consumption because of higher demand in freight and passenger transport. The Indian urban population grows at an average rate of 3% a year and has increased significantly in the last 50 years from 285 million in 2001 to 1.34 billion in 2017 as of 14th feb.

Our road transportation service in India relaxes our clients to get the goods delivered at their demanded place. This also reflects our networking in terms of road transportation service in India. VENOVET has a wide coverage in Indian Road transportation service which allows us to cover all the territories of our country as to ease the clients. We have covered approximately all the major destinations for road transportation services in India. We have been specialised in delivering the goods via road transport on PAN India basis. The base of our services lies in our approach where attention is paid to each and every possible aspect. So feel free to come and join us for efficient and very effective Road Transportation Service in India offered by us.

Our Road Transportation Services
  • Booking of all types of Tempo
  • Booking of all types of Trucks
  • Booking of Full Truck Load (FTL)
  • Booking of Part Truck Load (PTL)
  • Booking of all types of Heavy-Duty Trucks
  • Booking of closed-body containerized trucks
  • Booking of other light and heavy commercial vehicles
  • Temperature controlled transportation of perishable goods
  • Inter-state carriage of all types of Goods (except for Dangerous Goods)
  • Transportation/ Movement of all kinds of Light and Heavy-Duty Machinery
  • Booking of all types of Trailers: Low Bed Trailer, High Bed Trailer, and Hydraulic Axle

A Note on our Quality Standard
  • All our deliveries are safe and on time
  • All our vehicles are tested against pollution control
  • All the heavy goods vehicles are tested for the roadworthiness test
  • Most of the vehicles are laced with GPS device and can be tracked in real time
  • We comply with the road transportation policies as mentioned in the National Transportation Guidelines

Types Of Vehicles We Provide

Tata Ace
Tata Ace Closed
Tata Ace Mega
Tata Zip
Ashok Leyland Dost
Mahindra Bolero Pick Up
LCV Open Body
TATA 407 - 2.5 MT
LCV Open Body 14 Feet - 4 MT
LCV Open Body 17 Feet - 5 MT
LCV Open Body 19 Feet - 7 MT
LCV Closed Body TATA 407 - 2.5 MT
LCV Closed Body 14 Feet - 2.5 MT
LCV Closed Body 19 Feet - 7 MT
LCV Closed Body 17 Feet - 5 MT
LCV Open Body - 20 Feet -7 MT
Open Body Taurus - 6W - 9 MT
Open Body Taurus - 10W - 16 MT
Open Body Taurus - 12W - 21 MT
Open Body Taurus - 14W - 26 MT
Dala Body Taurus - 6W - 9 MT
Dala Body Taurus - 10W - 16 MT
Dala Body Taurus - 14W - 26 MT
Trailer 40 Feet - 20 MT
Trailer 40 Feet - 26 MT
ODC Trailer
Container SXL - 20 Feet - 7 MT
Container SXL - 24 Feet - 7 MT
Container SXL - 32 Feet - 7 MT
Container SXL - 40 Feet - 15 MT
Container SXL - 32 Feet High Cube - 7 MT
Container MXL - 20 Feet - 9 MT
Container MXL - 24 Feet - 14 MT
Container MXL - 32 Feet High Cube - 14 MT
Container MXL - 32 Feet - 14 MT
Trailer 20 Feet
32 Feet Open Trailor ODC -25 MT
34 Feet Open Trailor ODC -25 MT
40 Feet Open Trailor ODC - 32 MT