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Contract logistics services include analyzing customer sector-specific needs and business processes to plan and create a customized supply chain solution, which includes infrastructure design, inventory management and making technology-enabled distribution centres available for them.

Our distribution centres receive, store, track, and dispatch our customer's inventory and provide end-to-end real time visibility. We also provide value-added services, such as kitting, bundling, unit cartonisation and packaging solutions, depending on customer requirements.

One of the leaders among the logistics companies in India, our core competency lies in integrated technology-enabled Distribution Centres. We partner with our customers and co-create innovative supply chain solutions to effectively reduce their Time-to-Market.

Key Competencies

Capabilities to study customers' supply chain processes, re-engineer, build and implement efficient supply chain solutions for varied sectors

Technology-enabled distribution centres across India with warehouse height ranging from 7.5 to 14 meters

Multi-user, built-to-suit and scalable boxes based on customer requirements and the ability to manage high throughputs, large volumes and multiple SKU mix Proven expertise in Value Added Services such as Kitting, Bundling and Promo-packaging.


Automation Study

We study your business process and offer solutions combined with the best practices in supply chain.

Feasibility Study
PreRequsite Report
ROI Analysis

Design Process

We design our products to suit your warehouse layout, Structures and process with minimal customization.

Design Configuration
Software Configuration
Gripper & Robot Structure
Business Process Optimization

Deployment Process

We deploy our automation systems parallel to existing business operations in stages or full flow.

Layout Preparation
Test & Deploy
API Integration


VENOVET automation offers product solutions from inward goods receipt to the point goods exit the warehouse. Our fully automated Logistics Management Server is designed for very high through put and efficiency.

Independent deployment of Robots for Order fulfilment, Segregation, Palletizing, Parcel Sorting, Online Weighing and profiling is made possible due to our modular flexible design.


Storage & Retrieval

Inventory Tracking

Order Picking



Barcoad Reading



Delivery Reports


Barcoad Reading

Online Weighing

3D Profile



Storage & Retrieval

Set Way Points

Define Operation

Mobile Access