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Accelerate your business growth with high-performance Internet leased line connection

In recent years, the increased adoption of cloud, big data and other bandwidth-heavy applications like high-definition video, web hosting services, etc. has led to accelerated growth in internet traffic. You now need faster and scalable connectivity to succeed in this fast-moving market. Our internet leased line connection is a dedicated service that offers the consistent and high-performance connectivity you need to run these demanding applications. With dedicated internet access, you can reap the benefits of seamless connectivity and improved business performance.

A leased line network that is dedicated solely to your business needs

VENOVET delivers enterprise-grade, high-speed leased line network services to help you maintain consistent performance, security and reliability across your sites. The solution uses cost-effective, reliable, direct internet connections to help you seamlessly access the high-bandwidth applications and deliver contention-free network experience in every corner of India. All this is backed by our decades of experience, state-of-the-art network operation centre (NOC) and round-the-clock support. With Airtel internet leased line connection, you can experience enterprise-grade connectivity, end-to-end SLA commitment and improved productivity.

Uncontended connection

Bespoke Deployment Model

Detailed per-deployment study and extensive site survey to access the site’s unique needs


Saves the operating expense & complexity of deploying and managing the network.

Network Operation Support

Monitored and managed 247 by our Network Operations Center.

Increased Agility

Scale easily as your throughput needs or head count increases./p>

Complete Monitoring

Get end-to-end monitoring, outage notification, circuit trouble isolation from a single point of contact.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Effective project management and troubleshooting by providing a one-stop-shop solution for your network and broadband requirement.

High Availability

For organizations demanding reliable, high quality network connectivity with guaranteed bandwidth Venovet’s Business Internet Access (BIA) offers upto 1 GBPS high speed point to point connectivity. BIA becomes a great fit your business with guaranteed bandwidth with low jitter, unlimited data, 24x7 support and MRTG availability for the greater visibility of your network traffic.

Better Speed, Better Efficiency

Higher Availability Connection with enterprise grade SLA
Enterprise CPE with SD-WAN capability
Constant IP configurations in LAN & Server network
Single Contract covering multiple connection
Regulatory compliant
Pay as you grow model
Onboard with Venovet Naas
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Simplified Network Ops

Preserves your IT resources by offloading your enterprise network management, cost of upgrades and complexity of deployment by onboarding anOPEX only network IT infrastructure backed by a team of experts and round the clock monitoring.

Personalised Approach

Our team of account managers, service personnel, technicians and engineers take a personalized approach to your account management, backed by contract driven SLA.

Simplified Engagement Model

We are providing a one-stop network solution covering carrier and in-office network supported by a robust account management process.

Visibility and Insight

You can get end-to-end visibility of the network& firm up your understanding of your network’s utilization, based on single dashboard view.

Greater control

Almost all network ops can be co-managed from a console.

Business Advantages

Powered with a connection that has a dedicated bandwidth, symmetric upload-download speeds and much more, your business will run miles ahead of the competition.

High Speed Internet Connection

Carrier-grade Connectivity


End-to-end Service Level Agreement

User Friendly Web Tool

Why our ILL Services?
  • We have amongst the largest internet connectivity in India, leading to minimal congestion and better configuration for enhanced performance.
  • With the world's most extensive global telecommunication network, we can deliver a robust IP backbone assurance.
  • We provide 24x7 service and support.
  • Our service standards are second to none.
  • We value relationships.
Why Us?
  • With the widest suite of products & services, you don't need to look any further.
  • Our relationship managers & solution architects design what is best for you.
  • We are a dedicated team of over 2000 professionals working tirelessly to serve you.
  • Our reach is unparalleled with 125000 km of network, 750+ partners, 1600+ Channel teams.
  • Our customers trust us and the industry recognizes our innovations.
  • We have been successfully meeting customers business needs for over 20 years.